Friday, June 5, 2009

Apology to my "Mom"s makeup!

I used to think that Avon was for my grandma and mom. I know that sounds silly, but I never really took it seriously. My cousin has sold Avon for a very long time. I still never really paid attention to it.

I generally thought that because I had only really noticed the older women in my family using Avon products, that they must be for "older women. (no offense) I mean, when I was 13 I bought a lip balm because I liked the one sister in-law Lura had. And when I was 16, I was happy with with my drug store eye shadows and lipsticks. So I usually just got Avon's bath products.

Now I am almost 27, and I am finding that some high priced cosmetics just let me down. Sure they have awesome colors, and cool ingredients. But that doesn't mean CVS's makeup isle has lesser quality make than Nordstrom's makeup counter!

I have a good bit of "high end" cosmetics and I love them, but now and again they let me down. Over the years I have tried an Avon lipstick here, and an eyeliner there. So over the years I have noticed that their quality, really is outstanding.

When my best friend Tanya started selling Avon, I thought: "You know, everything from Avon that I have tried so far has been good, so maybe I'll try some more!" I bought a foundation, mineral makeup, and mascara the first time. Then I got hooked. I was excited, and confused.

Confused? Yep, I was confused as to how this stuff could be so cheap and yet work so well! I have since collected more Avon, and I am so very impressed. I even thought of selling it, but I decided that I would rather support my friend's endeavor with it by buying from her. Besides, I already have too much makeup, if I sold it..I can't even imagine how out of control that would be! lol

Anyway, I know I am rambling... but I just wanted to let everyone know that if you were ever hesitant to try Avon because it's inexpensive, or because you think it's only for older ladies... don't be! Give it a try. The prices are great, and the products are better! The eyeshadow quads that I have are comparable to a Chanel quad. The colors are very pigmented, the formula is a silky, almost creamy powder that glides on and really lasts all day!

So, Mom... I'm sorry I doubted you!

Oh, and Avon... I'm also sorry I doubted you!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

L'Oreal HIP Shine struck Liquid Lipcolor

I have loved L'Oreal for years, so it was no shock that i would love these glosses! I suppose "gloss" isn't the right description, it's liquid lipstick! It's wonderful!  A full coverage lip color, with the shine of a gloss! Plus, it's light and not sticky at all! 

I got these at walmart with a giftcard I got for Christmas... the PERFECT gift! So I decided to pick 2 of these babies up. I got "Splendid" and "Turbulent". 

Splendid is a beautiful mauve/pink color with a hint of shimmer. It's a little sheer, but not too much. I think it will make a great every day color.

Turbulent is the brightest red!  It's creamy, with no shimmer. The perfect red for a pin up style look. For me, I would use a lip liner with this one. It's very, very red!

Overall, I give these 5 stars! They are highly pigmented, not sticky, very glossy, lightweight, and come in a good aray of colors!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Longing for Konad (not the barbarian) !


Have you guys heard of Konad nail art stamps?!?!?

Ok, I am so excited to learn about these! I feel way out of the loop for not having heard of this before.  Seriously though, these look so awesome! 

I used to be really into painting my nails and making nail art with toothpicks. When I married my hubby and we had to move, I somehow managed to loose most of nail polishes. Each time we moved I seemed to have less! lol

Well, recently I have been getting back into doing my own nails! It's way cheaper than the salon, and you can get really creative! So now I have about 6 nail polishes and I want to get even more! While browsing the nail related blogs around "blogtown", I saw someone with an AMAZING design on their nails. She used this thing called a nail stamp. 

I was so roused by this idea that I imedietly started watching YouTube videos about it! For over an hour I was just facinated and excited. 

"Why haven't I ever seen this?" was the first thing I asked myself. "Why didn't I think of this?" was the second!

So what it is, for those who don't already know (actually I think was the last the one to know). It's a stamp for your nails! You pu special polish on a design plate, scrape off the extra paint, push a stamper down on it, and the transfer the design from the stamper onto your nails! OMG I want this!!

If you want to see the demo video click here!

I made a slideshow of some designs I want to do when I do finally get one! OMG this looks like it will be so much fun!
Click to play Konad
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