Saturday, December 27, 2008

Positively Pulchritudinous: Coastal Scents Brush Review

Coastal Scents Brush Review

I finally got to try coastal scents' brushes!  I got 2 Coastal Scents eyeshadow brushes for Christmas! I thought I would share what I think about them!
I was at first skeptical of them, thinking a 3 dollar brush can't be as good as my Sonya Kashuk brush. I was pleasantly surprised!!! 
Let's go over each brush before we see the "swipes".

The brush above is the 'Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow' brush. It was $2.75 on 
It's about 5 inches from tip of handle to tip of bristles. It's tiny handle surprised me at first, but the brush itself amazed me! It's softness pleased me! It is made of hand cut pony and goat hair, and it can really pack on the color! It's the perfect size for all over application, and small enough to do the lower lash line or inner corner of the eye.

The brush above is the 'Black Deluxe Shadow' brush. It was $2.49 on
It's a good size brush too, 6 inches from tip to tip. It's a nice thick handled brush, which for some reason I just love. This brush packs on color like no other brush I have! I want to get another one for backup! The bristles are made of sable, and they are so very soft! 
It's bristles are wide, and densely packed. I find that its perfect for all over eyeshadow application, as well as highlighting the brow bone area.

So the picture below is my Sonya Kashuk medium shadow brush. It's a good brush. It was $10.99 at Target.  I got it about 6 months ago, and I usually use it for packing color onto the lid. It's good for applying eyeshadow wet. 

So, for comparison I swiped it too. 
I swiped each brush across my MAC Cranberry eyeshadow 1 time!
Then I swiped the brush on my arm that had a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion on it. I swiped it on my arm only once per brush, with medium pressure
I leave you with the results. You decide for yourself but I believe that Coastal Scents brushes are amazing! They pack on color wonderfully, they're ultra soft AND very affordable!
I reccomend them to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm a gloss!

I am Sooo excited!! 

Spell Cosmetics just announced that they are naming a lipgloss after me!! How freakin' cool is that??? It's a chocolately brown with bronze reflects..OMG!!! How perfect is that?!?!? I love warm colors! I can't wait to get some!!! Go to and get some!! I can't wait to try it...holy cow this is exciting!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Loaded!

Today I created this awesome rainbow look using Spell Cosmetics

I got samples of the "Get Loaded collection from Elle and Gemma, and I was soooo excited!!! I had been looking all over for a vibrant rainbow of colors... Here they are! Vivid colors, excellent pigmentation, smooth texture, and awesome price!
The "Get Loaded" set comes with 7 colors! So 45 bucks is a great value!

Thank you soo much Elle & Gemma!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!