Saturday, December 27, 2008

Positively Pulchritudinous: Coastal Scents Brush Review

Coastal Scents Brush Review

I finally got to try coastal scents' brushes!  I got 2 Coastal Scents eyeshadow brushes for Christmas! I thought I would share what I think about them!
I was at first skeptical of them, thinking a 3 dollar brush can't be as good as my Sonya Kashuk brush. I was pleasantly surprised!!! 
Let's go over each brush before we see the "swipes".

The brush above is the 'Chisel Fluff Medium Shadow' brush. It was $2.75 on 
It's about 5 inches from tip of handle to tip of bristles. It's tiny handle surprised me at first, but the brush itself amazed me! It's softness pleased me! It is made of hand cut pony and goat hair, and it can really pack on the color! It's the perfect size for all over application, and small enough to do the lower lash line or inner corner of the eye.

The brush above is the 'Black Deluxe Shadow' brush. It was $2.49 on
It's a good size brush too, 6 inches from tip to tip. It's a nice thick handled brush, which for some reason I just love. This brush packs on color like no other brush I have! I want to get another one for backup! The bristles are made of sable, and they are so very soft! 
It's bristles are wide, and densely packed. I find that its perfect for all over eyeshadow application, as well as highlighting the brow bone area.

So the picture below is my Sonya Kashuk medium shadow brush. It's a good brush. It was $10.99 at Target.  I got it about 6 months ago, and I usually use it for packing color onto the lid. It's good for applying eyeshadow wet. 

So, for comparison I swiped it too. 
I swiped each brush across my MAC Cranberry eyeshadow 1 time!
Then I swiped the brush on my arm that had a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion on it. I swiped it on my arm only once per brush, with medium pressure
I leave you with the results. You decide for yourself but I believe that Coastal Scents brushes are amazing! They pack on color wonderfully, they're ultra soft AND very affordable!
I reccomend them to everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm a gloss!

I am Sooo excited!! 

Spell Cosmetics just announced that they are naming a lipgloss after me!! How freakin' cool is that??? It's a chocolately brown with bronze reflects..OMG!!! How perfect is that?!?!? I love warm colors! I can't wait to get some!!! Go to and get some!! I can't wait to try it...holy cow this is exciting!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Loaded!

Today I created this awesome rainbow look using Spell Cosmetics

I got samples of the "Get Loaded collection from Elle and Gemma, and I was soooo excited!!! I had been looking all over for a vibrant rainbow of colors... Here they are! Vivid colors, excellent pigmentation, smooth texture, and awesome price!
The "Get Loaded" set comes with 7 colors! So 45 bucks is a great value!

Thank you soo much Elle & Gemma!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Zodiac Files: Libra

Libra's color is light blue. As you can see in the picture to the left, it's a soft icy blue look that inspires peace and serenity. Light blue also signifies love, beauty and peace. 

I used MAC Mutiny pigment and Bell Bottom Blue. I blended well and added a touch of Lark About to highlight. I used bare study as my base, so I didnt take the lark about all the way to brow, I let bare study be my main highlight.

I lined my top lid with Prestige liquid liner in Brown/Black and finished with black mascara.

Hope you love it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So apparently, I'm ranked like 1000 or something for Internet "stardom". Check out the page, sign up and see what your rank is!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got 2 new mascaras today! YAY! I'm especially fond of Maybelline mascara. I never realized this until today.

I got home with my 2 new mascaras and saw that they were both Maybelline. Then I noticed that my colossal mascara was Maybelline too! Oh and then I remembered that my favorite for years was the Maybelline full and soft!!

I hope these two are as great as all the other Maybellines I have tried and love! 

So what did I get? 
I got :
Maybelline's "Lash Stiletto" (Ultimate lengthening mascara), and 
Maybelline's "XXL Extentions" (XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara).
Don't worry, I'll have a full review of both very soon!

Goddess, I LOVE Mascara!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Zodiac Files: Virgo

Virgo's color is royal blue. Virgo's can be shy, and introverted... but royal blue is bold and showy. I think that's why it works so well for virgo. 
Royal blue brings out beauty, purity, and wisdom. It also promotes tranquility. So when Virgo feels stressed about being more outgoing, or other stressful situations, this look could be just what the doctor ordered!! 
Everyone can use this look to their best, and feel great too. Color therepy is very usefull, and this one can be a great addition to your "Makeup Medicine Cabinet"!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Zodiac Files: Leo

Leo is the color Orange. Any shade of orange for Leo represents power, greatness, optimism and joy. For this look I used Golden Lemon in the inner corner, Pink Bronze on the lid and chocolate brown in the crease. I highlighted with nano gold. 

Pink Bronze is one of those colors that to me, looks different than the color suggests. Its more orange than pink! I love it though, and any Leo would be wise to add this wonderful color to their collection!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Zodiac Files: Cancer

Cancer's color is pink. It embodies love, passion, friendship and emotional well being. So I decided to keep it soft, simple, and romantic.

I used pale pinks and a soft brown in the crease to keep it light and airy. I didn't use any eyeliner because I wanted the softness of the pink, and the feathery lashes to be the focus. I thought a liner would take away from the softness I was going for.

The final look is perfect for everyday wear! Anyone can pull this look off!

The Zodiac Files: Gemini

Gemini is represented by the color yellow. This can be a hard color to pull off for some, but here I tried to create a look that would work on anyone. Even darker skin tones can wear this! Yellow can be dark and "mustardy" or light and "Lemony" and all shades in between! It's just a fun color. 

Navy tones of blue seem to set it off too. So for this look I paired "Golden Lemon" and "Bell bottom blue" to create a wearable yellow look for all skin tones! 

I'd also like to note that the colors have not been altered at all, the only thing done to my pictures was the mat frame and lettering, and yet the yellow/blue combination seemed to bring out the green more in my eyes.  I love it! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Zodiac Files

I am starting a series of tutorial based on the colors of the zodiac. I know this has been done before, but I have done my research and decided to do my own take on it! 

Today I was able to do 2 tutorials; Aries and Taurus. Both were fun to do. Here are the final pics of both looks.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let it Snow!

The first snowfall of the year is one of my favorite things! It inspires me. the palest blues and purples, light pinks and greens, white and many color come to mind.  

I used these colors to inspire an icy, winter look. I used this look in a contest on YouTube also. 

The first step was to apply Bare Study on the entire lid, and apply 'Lark About' by MAC to the inner 3rd. I used a light hand on this look. I wanted to keep it subtle.
Next I took 'Mutiny' by MAC and applied that to the rest of lid.

Now I use a little Bell Bottom Blue on the outer corner and very lightly into the crease.

I then took my liquid liner and made a thin line on the upper lid and applied my Colossal Mascara. Here's the final look!

I did decide later to add some "Sexy Sparkle" skin illuminator by Spell Cosmetics as a highlight color. I loved it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pinup Look Remixed

So today I did my rendition of a classic pin-up style look.  It's very easy! All you need is a matte cream color eyeshadow, matte brown eyeshadow, dark liquid liner, black mascara, and a bright pink/red lipstick! 
I started out with a base, I like to use painterly paint pot by MAC. It's a creamy neutral beige, with a matte finish. I applied this from my lash line up to my brow.  This will not only help your eyeshadow stay put longer, but it makes your eyeshadow color show up more intense and true to life. 

On top of the base I applied my Avon True Color eyeshadow in Nude from lash line to brow. Its a matte color, and as the name suggests, it's a very light beige.

The next thing I did was to take my Avon True Color eyeshado in Bark and apply it lightly to the crease. This very soft brown gives the crease just enough color to look defined, without looking heavy. I used my MAC 217 brush, but any fluffy blending brush will do.

With a steady hand and some Prestige liquid liner in Brown/Black, I lined my upper lid. I start thin in the inner corner and gradually make my line thicker towards the outer eye.  I then made a "wing" by extending that line out and up a bit from my eye. I use liquid
 liner ecause for this purpose I need a crisp line. 

A little bit of rose colored blush sets the look off. I used a generic pink eyeshadow actually, but if you have a rosey pink blush, that will do too. I also used my liquid liner to create a "beauty mark" under my eye on the top of my cheek bone just for dramatic effect! lol

Last thing to do is add some bright red or pink lipgloss, and pose like a pin-up!

All Rolled Up!

Today I decided to roll my hair! Now, my hair is naturally curly but sometimes I need a change. Weather it's using my MaxiGlide to get straight sleek hair, pin curls for soft "beach" hair, or rollers for a more put together look... change is good!

So I used my 2 inch rollers and started at the crown of my head and rolled 3 thick sections. I rolled them AWAY from my face. Then I rolled 4 thick sections on either side of my head. Each section started out with dry hair. I lightly misted the section with water (just to dampen) and then applied some texture cream. 
Once the hair was completely dry, about 30 minutes later, I took down the rollers. I used my fingers to separate the curls and "pick" through it a little. Then I styled it, sprayed it with my L'Oreal Studio Finish hair spray and Viola! Soft, sexy, bouncy curls!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Milani Heaven

I am now a Milani girl! Milani eye shadows are so great! Kimmy sent me 2 Milani eye shadows today, and I am in love with them. A while ago I had made a video about an eyeshadow I had that was almost all used up. The problem was that it was a generic brand and I couldn't find it again. So I posted a video asking if anyone knew of a good dupe for it, and Kimmy came through! Here is the original eyeshadow that I needed to find a dupe for...
The Milani eyeshadow she sent me is almost an exact match! Not only is the color great, but the texture of the Milani is wonderful! It's silky and very pigmented! I WILL be getting more Milani! Here is the Milani...

As you can see they look almost identical! So here's the look I created with the shadow, I also used the other color she got me called "Sun Goddess". It is great!
I'm in Milani "Heaven"!!!
Thank you again Kimmy, It's perfect!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink Pearl All Night Long

I got to put my new "Wet and Set" to the test the other night! I used it on Jacqueline for her Halloween Makeup. She was a "Butterfly Princess".  I used the "Wet and Set" with my 'Pink Pearl' pigment from MAC. It matched her dress great, glided on smooth, and stayed on her all night! Getting makeup to last on a 3 year old is really hard, so thats proof enough for me that it's good stuff! She looked sooo cute!

I also did JJ's makeup. He was a Geisha. 
I used "Wet and Set" on him as well for the liner. 
He looked soo good! He worked it out! We had so much fun. I love doing makeup for other people, and myself too. Spell Cosmetics are wonderful. If you haven't usedthem yet, you need to get some soon! The quality is amazing, and the prices is great! I can't wait 'till I can get a "VIP" card! That would be awesome. My hubby said when we have some extra cash I can get one. 

They should make a "Tarot" gloss to go along with the other guru's glosses lol. Hey a girl can wish can't she? lol 

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm under a spell...

I got my first Spell Cosmetics order today, and I am so excited!
All of the colors are great, and they even gave me an extra goodie that I didn't order! It was the "Wet and Set"! AMAZING!
I got 3 eyeshadows; Driftwood, Zinfandel, and St. Tropez Bronze. They are all wonderful! Zinfandel is my favorite.
I got 2 lip glosses; Rae and Nat. Beautiful!
I got a foundation sample too, it was in "delicate". It's a bit too light for me, but not so light that I can not use it.
I got 2 lotion samples and a lipstick sample as well.
Keep an eye out for my review, I'll have it posted to my YouTube page in the next few days.

Stay gorgeous!