Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Loaded!

Today I created this awesome rainbow look using Spell Cosmetics

I got samples of the "Get Loaded collection from Elle and Gemma, and I was soooo excited!!! I had been looking all over for a vibrant rainbow of colors... Here they are! Vivid colors, excellent pigmentation, smooth texture, and awesome price!
The "Get Loaded" set comes with 7 colors! So 45 bucks is a great value!

Thank you soo much Elle & Gemma!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them!


wubearkitten said...


lissy this look is amazing but its even more so in this pic!!!!!

i wanna die!!!!!!

Gloria said...

Wow, that is the HOTTEST rainbow look I've ever seen! Its my FAVORITE to do and I've seen so many recreated but this is just gorgeous!

Carolina Fancy said...

Wow! That look is amazing! I could NEVER get my makeup to turn out so perfectly! Great Job! Can't wait to see more looks like it!!