Monday, January 11, 2010

Afterglow Cosmetics (Brushes)

In the past 3-4 years, I have become a bit of a brush snob. Although I only have one MAC brush, none of my brushes are "cheap"! I love natural hair brushes; the softness, blendability, and overall quality is unparalleled... Or is it?

Afterglow Cosmetics sent me a few of their brushes. I wasn't sure what to expect. i looked at them on their site and saw that were vegan. I thought to myself, "they aren't natural hair so how soft will they be?".

I got them in the mail along with a few other goodies and went strait for the BABY KABUKI. I swirled it on my face and it felt like I was rubbing my face with the softest teddy bear in the world! Silky, soft, and just the right amount of firmness. The blush brush felt like liquid silk gliding on my cheeks. The three eyeshadow brushes were no exception. They were even softer than my MAC brush and felt like they were melting on my skin (in a good way).

I haven't even touched my other brushes! Cheaper than high end, animal free AND to die for softness! I love these brushes!

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