Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glitter...I love you!

OPI: Bring On The Bling
Now usually I don't go for glitter polish but this one caught my eye and wouldn't let go! My camera doesn't do it justice, so I'll have to get a better pic for you guys tomorrow. It's a lovely golden/khaki color. There are bits of other colors in it as well. The gold in this polish aren't yellow, more of an antique gold. It's beautiful!

It takes about 3 coats to get the nails to look like the bottle, but it's sheer enough to layer over other polishes. I'll be playing with this one over the next few days, layering it over other colors and wearing in on it's own. I'll try to take lots of pics too!

I usually shy from glitters because they are so darn annoying to remove, this one however isn't too bad. Added bonus is that it seemed to dry a little faster than most of my other OPIs, so I am wondering if the formula is different. 

All 6 of the glitters from the Burlesque collection are amazing, and I will try to get them all. Today I could only get 2, I'd have gotten them all but my hubby bought me a new HD webcam today.. so I decided not to be greedy! lol

I'll swatch the other one tomorrow!
Good night lovelies! 

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