Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are You An Influenster?

For most of us, trying new products is not only fun and exciting; it’s a topic of conversation with friends.  Social media is a great way for us to share with our friends our experiences with new products. We tweet about products; we post on our Facebook walls the good, the bad and the ugly. We even make Pinterest boards that highlight the things we love.  

Influenster combines your love of trying new products with your love of social media. It’s a way to get rewarded for spreading the word on products you try. That’s not all though. Influenster sends you boxes filled with products to try, and it’s all free. The more you share your opinions with friends on your various social media sites, the more boxes they send you.

Influenster calls these boxes of fun “VoxBoxes”.  When Influenster sends you a VoxBox all you have to do is try the products and then share your opinions of them with friends. When you share your opinions you earn badges that are displayed on your Influenster public profile page. It’s essentially a social media site itself. You can read other Influenster member’s reviews, and see what badges they have earned. When you earn certain badges for sharing, you can win prizes offered up by the company that provided you with the product.

A great example of this is when I got a VoxBox that included Kiss nail products. After completing the badge requirements I earned the badge and as a thank you from Kiss, they sent me more products and coupons. All of this is free and it’s super easy to sign up too.  Just go to and request your invitation to the best product review site ever!! It’s fun, fast and FREE!!

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