Sunday, March 16, 2014

Soaping For A Cause

So I know that I haven't been on this blog much lately but I have had a lot going on! I am getting back into making my soaps, and it's been tremendously therapeutic!

I mentioned in a vlog on my YouTube page last week that I wanted some ideas for a new soap to add to my new Etsy shop. Well one of my subscribers had a great idea... An Autism Awareness soap!

I instantly thought about how awesome this could be! Not only could I make an awesome soap that everyone will love, but we can take it a step further and DONATE the proceeds to my favorite Autism charity.. Autism Speaks!

That's where you guys come into play. On the right hand side bar (very top) of this page is a link that will allow you to donate for the supplies needed to make this awesome soap. Once I have gathered enough to get all of the supplies needed I'll start the soap! Once the soap is ready I will put it in my Etsy shop and sell it. Then I will donate the proceeds from the soap, along with any extra from the supply donations to Autism Speaks!

I will be keeping a detailed list of all of those who contributed to this project, both supply donations and soap buyers. I will do so because I want to include this list of names with my donation so that Autism Speaks will know that this donation is not all me... they will know that you guys came together as a community to make this happen. I'm just the hands that created it, but you guys made it happen!

Thank you guys so much in advance.... Let's Do This!!!!

Brightest Blessings,

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