Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm under a spell...

I got my first Spell Cosmetics order today, and I am so excited!
All of the colors are great, and they even gave me an extra goodie that I didn't order! It was the "Wet and Set"! AMAZING!
I got 3 eyeshadows; Driftwood, Zinfandel, and St. Tropez Bronze. They are all wonderful! Zinfandel is my favorite.
I got 2 lip glosses; Rae and Nat. Beautiful!
I got a foundation sample too, it was in "delicate". It's a bit too light for me, but not so light that I can not use it.
I got 2 lotion samples and a lipstick sample as well.
Keep an eye out for my review, I'll have it posted to my YouTube page in the next few days.

Stay gorgeous!

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