Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink Pearl All Night Long

I got to put my new "Wet and Set" to the test the other night! I used it on Jacqueline for her Halloween Makeup. She was a "Butterfly Princess".  I used the "Wet and Set" with my 'Pink Pearl' pigment from MAC. It matched her dress great, glided on smooth, and stayed on her all night! Getting makeup to last on a 3 year old is really hard, so thats proof enough for me that it's good stuff! She looked sooo cute!

I also did JJ's makeup. He was a Geisha. 
I used "Wet and Set" on him as well for the liner. 
He looked soo good! He worked it out! We had so much fun. I love doing makeup for other people, and myself too. Spell Cosmetics are wonderful. If you haven't usedthem yet, you need to get some soon! The quality is amazing, and the prices is great! I can't wait 'till I can get a "VIP" card! That would be awesome. My hubby said when we have some extra cash I can get one. 

They should make a "Tarot" gloss to go along with the other guru's glosses lol. Hey a girl can wish can't she? lol 

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