Friday, January 2, 2009

Longing for Konad (not the barbarian) !


Have you guys heard of Konad nail art stamps?!?!?

Ok, I am so excited to learn about these! I feel way out of the loop for not having heard of this before.  Seriously though, these look so awesome! 

I used to be really into painting my nails and making nail art with toothpicks. When I married my hubby and we had to move, I somehow managed to loose most of nail polishes. Each time we moved I seemed to have less! lol

Well, recently I have been getting back into doing my own nails! It's way cheaper than the salon, and you can get really creative! So now I have about 6 nail polishes and I want to get even more! While browsing the nail related blogs around "blogtown", I saw someone with an AMAZING design on their nails. She used this thing called a nail stamp. 

I was so roused by this idea that I imedietly started watching YouTube videos about it! For over an hour I was just facinated and excited. 

"Why haven't I ever seen this?" was the first thing I asked myself. "Why didn't I think of this?" was the second!

So what it is, for those who don't already know (actually I think was the last the one to know). It's a stamp for your nails! You pu special polish on a design plate, scrape off the extra paint, push a stamper down on it, and the transfer the design from the stamper onto your nails! OMG I want this!!

If you want to see the demo video click here!

I made a slideshow of some designs I want to do when I do finally get one! OMG this looks like it will be so much fun!
Click to play Konad
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Mary Ann said...

konad is the best thing I have bought for nailart . check out my blog .