Tuesday, January 13, 2009

L'Oreal HIP Shine struck Liquid Lipcolor

I have loved L'Oreal for years, so it was no shock that i would love these glosses! I suppose "gloss" isn't the right description, it's liquid lipstick! It's wonderful!  A full coverage lip color, with the shine of a gloss! Plus, it's light and not sticky at all! 

I got these at walmart with a giftcard I got for Christmas... the PERFECT gift! So I decided to pick 2 of these babies up. I got "Splendid" and "Turbulent". 

Splendid is a beautiful mauve/pink color with a hint of shimmer. It's a little sheer, but not too much. I think it will make a great every day color.

Turbulent is the brightest red!  It's creamy, with no shimmer. The perfect red for a pin up style look. For me, I would use a lip liner with this one. It's very, very red!

Overall, I give these 5 stars! They are highly pigmented, not sticky, very glossy, lightweight, and come in a good aray of colors!


Anonymous said...

oh lissa those look scrumptios esp your red lips!

ryc>>> that color is jade from ben nye grand lumiere palette it is gorgeous and of course i will swatch it for you!

wubearkitten said...

omgggggg that red is KILLING MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Elise Shim said...

miss seeing you on youtube and your blog. hope everything is good! hope to see you soon.

Crazy Bird said...

The red is the nicest red I've ever seen!