Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bubblin' Brew- Nail Tutorial.

I love holiday themed nail art! So last night I was trying to think of something other than the usual pumpkin and ghost nails. Then it hit me!!

 A few weeks ago I got a package from and my nail polish was wrapped in bubble wrap. I thought then to save it for nail art! I know, why the heck would I save bubble wrap for my nails?! Well, I've seen people use plastic bags to add texture to their nail art designs. So I thought that maybe bubble wrap would work too! And guess what? It did!!

It's super easy to do too! So here's what I did...

I started out with a base coat. I always use a base coat, and you should too! It protects your nails from stains. And because my color scheme is in the green range of colors they would stain yellow if i didn't base coat first. Ask me how I know! lol

After my base coat, I applied one coat of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in the color Limestone. It goes on slightly streaky, but honestly it doesn't matter. We'll be covering most of it up later. Make this and all of your layers except the last one we'll do as thin as you can. It will dry faster and your overall nail look won't be too thick.

Once my green coat is completely dry, I applied 2 thin coats of OPI's Zom-body to Love. This color was released last Halloween as part of a limited edition set. It's a pretty green that glows in the dark. You can use any green or yellow glow in the dark polish you have though. 

Now for the fun part! Once your nails are completely dry, apply one thick coat of a dark green color. The color I used is a dark grey with a hint of forest green to it. It's OPI's Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! .  It is part of the Germany collection. It's a hard color to describe, but you can use any dark grey, green or black color.

While this darker layer is still fairly wet, carefully press your bubble wrap onto the nail. Try not to let it slide around. We want to keep the bubble shape  somewhat intact. Once you have pressed the bubbles into the nail polish, gently lift the bubble wrap up to remove it. Some of your dark color will come off with the bubble wrap, revealing the lighter green, glow in the dark base!

And that's it! Topcoat and your done! The bubble shapes and mossy colors reminded me of a witch's cauldron. That's why I am calling this "Bubblin' Brew".  The green swirls look really neat in the dark too!  It would work great with any color combinations even without the glow polish.


Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I love the technique I often wondered about using bubble wrap. Awesome! I must try it :)

Melissa Hussell said...

I hope you try it!! Let me know if you do!