Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curly Girl Method [Drying]

Now that you have done the Curly Girl Method [Cleanse], it's time to dry your hair!

Drying your hair doesn't have to take forever or make your hair frizzy. If you just remember a few things. The most important thing is to not use terrycloth bath towels. Terry cloth acts like little microscopic hooks that catch on your hair's cuticle and break the hair and make it frizzy. It also absorbs too much moisture. In the curly girl method you only need to dry your hair until it is 80% dry, the air will do the rest. Trust me, air drying is the BEST method for curls!

So without a bath towel, what do you use? Easy... Cotton Jersey material... also known as T-Shirt!! You can also use micro-fiber. You can buy towels for curly hair made from t-shirt material (curlease.com) and micro-fiber (mimis diva dryer) too. If you're into DIY or just into saving money you can make your own with an old t-shirt! Just cut the shirt strait across just under the armpits, this will give you a "tube" of t-shirt material. Now, cut it up the side to open the tube and you now how a t-shirt towel. This long piece of material is ideal for "plopping" you hair too! Plopping is a curly hair technique that I will explain later! Right now, let's just focus on DRYING!

Step 1: Flip your head over and cup the ends of your hair with your CG approved (jersey/microfiber) towel. Using a scrunching motion, gently scrunch hair up towards the scalp. Start on your back layers of hair, saving the front for last. When your at your scalp, gently squeeze the hair. 

Step 2: Flip your head over and continue to gently scrunch the water from your hair. NEVER RUB OR WRING HAIR!!!!! Once your hair is no longer dripping, but still wet, add your leave in conditioner. Just apply it in a scrunching motion. Then use your CG towel and scrunch more water out! Now you can proceed to STYLING!

That's it! At this point you can either let it air dry with only the conditioner in your hair or you can add your styling products. 

So let's move on to Styling!

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