Friday, November 9, 2012

Let's have a 3-Way!

OK, it's not what you think! I was looking through my polishes and I had a few that I haven't used yet. So I decided to pick one. Once I did my nails, I decided to add some glitter. Then I decided to do it with a matte topcoat. So today I had one manicure, three ways!!

The color I decided on trying on today was OPI (I Have A Herring Problem). I love this color! It's a very pretty blue/grey with subtle silver shimmer.
[Above] The flash brought out the blue tones and shows off the subtle silver sparkle! It's a stunner by it's self. 

[Above] In natural light you can see the grey tones better.

Because I can't ever leave well enough alone, I decided to add a coat of NYC (Starry Silver). It's packed with tiny silver micro glitter and medium sized blue and purple hex glitter. My daylight was going away so the next few pictures read more grey than blue. Trust me when I say, it's more like periwinkle in person.

[Above] NYC (Starry Silver)- 2 coats, no topcoat.

As i was cleaning up my polish "station", I laid eyes on my Julep Matte Topcoat. I had to try it out! I'm glad I did! I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow. I really hoped that the blue would show up better. The last few days I have been doing a bit of experimentation with the matte topcoat over glitters. It's a really great combo!

[Above] One coat of Julep Matte Topcoat

So the moral of this story is; No manicure is complete, until you decide it so! 

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