Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Rolled Up!

Today I decided to roll my hair! Now, my hair is naturally curly but sometimes I need a change. Weather it's using my MaxiGlide to get straight sleek hair, pin curls for soft "beach" hair, or rollers for a more put together look... change is good!

So I used my 2 inch rollers and started at the crown of my head and rolled 3 thick sections. I rolled them AWAY from my face. Then I rolled 4 thick sections on either side of my head. Each section started out with dry hair. I lightly misted the section with water (just to dampen) and then applied some texture cream. 
Once the hair was completely dry, about 30 minutes later, I took down the rollers. I used my fingers to separate the curls and "pick" through it a little. Then I styled it, sprayed it with my L'Oreal Studio Finish hair spray and Viola! Soft, sexy, bouncy curls!! 

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