Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Milani Heaven

I am now a Milani girl! Milani eye shadows are so great! Kimmy sent me 2 Milani eye shadows today, and I am in love with them. A while ago I had made a video about an eyeshadow I had that was almost all used up. The problem was that it was a generic brand and I couldn't find it again. So I posted a video asking if anyone knew of a good dupe for it, and Kimmy came through! Here is the original eyeshadow that I needed to find a dupe for...
The Milani eyeshadow she sent me is almost an exact match! Not only is the color great, but the texture of the Milani is wonderful! It's silky and very pigmented! I WILL be getting more Milani! Here is the Milani...

As you can see they look almost identical! So here's the look I created with the shadow, I also used the other color she got me called "Sun Goddess". It is great!
I'm in Milani "Heaven"!!!
Thank you again Kimmy, It's perfect!

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Tasha said...

your eyes are gorgeous girl, and those colors look spectacular on ya!