Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got 2 new mascaras today! YAY! I'm especially fond of Maybelline mascara. I never realized this until today.

I got home with my 2 new mascaras and saw that they were both Maybelline. Then I noticed that my colossal mascara was Maybelline too! Oh and then I remembered that my favorite for years was the Maybelline full and soft!!

I hope these two are as great as all the other Maybellines I have tried and love! 

So what did I get? 
I got :
Maybelline's "Lash Stiletto" (Ultimate lengthening mascara), and 
Maybelline's "XXL Extentions" (XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara).
Don't worry, I'll have a full review of both very soon!

Goddess, I LOVE Mascara!!

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Tasha said...

I love me some mascara too, can't wait for a new review!!!